Over the past few years I've bought hundreds of used DJ and LP records. DJ records take an unusual amount of abuse because they are handled while cueing, and are often thrown around during a set.

To save some of these records I have purchase a couple ultrasonic cleaners off Amazon. These are the units I have purchased:

Vevor 6L Ultrasonic Cleaner w/ WEWU Cleaning Motor

Happybuy Ultrasonic 6L Vinyl Cleaner

As you can tell by the names, these are budget units, but honestly they work well, especially on grimy DJ records which may have been forgotten by time. I've heard have concerns that the frequencies these low-end cleaners could be problematic for records, but honestly, I haven't had any bad results and have cleaned hundreds of records with these machines.

I just used filtered tap water and drop of soap, and dry them on a letter tray. My only complaint is that it is possible to get the labels wet, which may be a concern on more valuable and collectable records.