Our mission is to promote deep listening of recorded music. We believe music is an innate force which can connect us, but its value is often overlooked in today's fast-paced and distracted world.

We aim to help people rediscover the joy and beauty of listening to music with intention and attention. Whether at home or in public, we strive to create environments which foster a deeper connection to the music and to each other.

Our Cafe Sound speakers combine vintage design and aesthetics with modern components. We believe they encourage a culture of deep listening, which can inspire people to engage with music in new and meaningful ways, and ultimately, help build a more vibrant and connected community of music lovers.

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Discogs Vinyl Collection

From our Founder, Chris Baus

Music and audio systems have been a life long interest. I bought my my first real HiFi pieces in high school: Klipsch KG1 speakers and a (now rare) KG SW subwoofer.

In 2000 (after I bought my first house), a friend of mine, who is also a HiFi collector, lent me a Leak Stereo 20, and I fell in love with the quality of the piece.

The first tube amp I owned was a Fisher 400 receiver. In 2006 I made my first big purchase with a significant portion of a collection which included Dyanco, Fisher, Scott, Marantz, and McIntosh tube pieces, plus others. I still have some of that gear today.

Up until 2020 I primarily listened to digital sources, and tried to avoid the vinyl rabbit hole. During the COVID pandemic, I got bored, and bought a turntable, and fell deep into vinyl collecting.

In 2021 after failing to find qualified technicians who could turn gear around in a reasonable amount of time, I decided to learn how to do restorations myself. I've now completed many tube amp restorations.

In 2022, after moving to Miami, I became more interested in vinyl DJing and was fortunate to land multiple gig including in Wynwood, Miami. This cemented my interest in combining vintage HiFi and modern PA systems and DJ equipment.

Cathode Bias, Inc. was formed in 2023 to promote the idea of deep listening through listening room hardware, an experimental listening room in Reno, NV, and consulting services to the emerging listening room industry.

Looking to restore a vintage tube amp? Start here!

Here's info on my first project. Could be useful for someone starting out.

Collection Inventory


  • McIntosh C11 - Original condition including telefunken 12ax7 tubes. Works correctly, but could require recap if put into service
  • Marantz 7 (early production green) - In use as preamp in Miami
  • Marantz 7 (later production with case) - In use as preamp in Tahoe office. Phono distorts with significant bass. Could use PS recap
  • Marantz 7 - Power supply rebuilt
  • Marantz 7
  • Pioneer DJ mixer - traditional DJ mixer with cross fader
  • Resor 2500fx mixer
  • Headliner R2 mixer

Integrated Amps and Receivers

  • Fisher KX 100 - restored and working correctly. Garage system in Tahoe
  • Fisher KX 200 - restored and working correctly. In use Tahoe living room
  • Fisher 800b - Original condition requires full restoration
  • Fisher X-101B - Restored
  • Knight KG-400 - Currently undergoing full restoration in Tahoe

Power Amps

  • Altec 1568a (3) - Powering main speakers in Miami listening room
  • Custom Stereo 45 SET Amp - Miami
  • Marantz 8 - Power supply restored. Working correctly in Tahoe office
  • Marantz 8b - One output transformer is open. Searching for OPT
  • McIntosh MC240 - Restored
  • Bottlehead 2a3 SET monoblocks - Working correctly in Tahoe office
  • Sound Valves M60 monoblocks - 60hz hum. Need restoration
  • OSD Class D Subwoofer amp
  • OSD Class D multi-channel amp


  • Technics SP-15 w/ Denon DL-103R
  • Denon DP-60L
  • Yamaha YP-800
  • Yamaha P-450
  • Marantz 6100
  • Dual (low end model)
  • (2) Technics SL-1210 MK2 (Very nice condition with original boxes)
  • (2) Technics SL-1200 MK2 (need restoration)


  • Klipsch KG 2.2
  • Sony SM 3
  • Sony SM 7
  • Meadowlark Kestrel 2
  • Spendor SP9/1
  • Fostex 206ES-R in bass reflex cabinets
  • Fostex FW800HS Superwoofer (2)
  • Fostex T925 tweeter pari
  • Altec 416-8z pair alnico woofer currently not in cabinets
  • Altec 416-8a pair (in 6.5 cu ft ported enclosure)
  • Altec 806-16 ohm pair compression drivers
  • Altec 811b pair horns
  • Altec 288c 24 ohm compression driver
  • Altec 288g 8 ohm compression driver
  • Altec 288c 24 ohm pair compression driver
  • Altec pair 803b horns
  • Altec 604 8G in 9 cu ft Baltic Birch 620 clone cabinets
  • Altec 604 E ┬ápair currently not in cabinets
  • Replica Altec 1505b pair wood horns
  • Fostex 3" full-range


  • Fisher r200
  • Dynaco FM1

Reel to Reel

  • Pioneer RT-701

Project Queue

  • Marantz 8b bad OPT. Looking for replacement
  • Fisher 200 tuner clean and replace filter caps
  • Fisher 800b recap and clean
  • Pioneer RT-701 recap

Favorite Albums

  • Karma - Pharoah Sanders
  • My Life in the Bush of Ghosts - Brain Eno, David Byrne
  • Entroducing... - DJ Shadow
  • Promises - Floating Points, Pharoah Sanders, London Symphony Orchestra
  • Colores - j Balvin
  • Study in Brown - Clifford Brown, Max Roach
  • The Mirror Conspiracy - Thievery Corporation
  • In My Tribe - 10000 Maniacs
  • Afro Cuban All Stars - A Toda Cuba le Gusta

Deeper Listening

  • Acid - Ray Baretto
  • Expansions - McCoy Tyner
  • Freedom of Choice - Devo
  • Music for Zen Meditation - Tony Scott
  • A Love Supreme: Live in Seattle - John Coltrane
  • A Love Trilogy - Donna Summer
  • Super Ape - Lee "Scratch" Perry
  • Drum Suite - Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers